About THS

Hoër Tegniese Skool | Welkom | Technical High School

School Badge

Meaning of the Slogan:
SAPIENTA AURUM QUE E PROFUNDIS Wisdom, like gold, comes from the depths.

Meaning of the Badge:
Knowledge comes from books like gold comes from the soil.

School Anthem

Waar die goud uit donker dieptes
soos ’n vonk uit aarde slaan,
en die vrag van toringwiele –
op teen hoë steiltes staan.
Dáár staan ons skool, trotse gebou!
HTS Welkom! Ons dien jou getrou.

Where the gold like spark of flint stone
comes from out the bowls of earth.
And where the weight of towering wheels groan,
as they strain to yield their worth.
There is our school – one of the best!
THS Welkom! We serve you with zest.



School Clothing

Articles listed below are the approved school uniform and therefore the only one accepted. Similar articles must not be bought at other shops, as the school uniform, excluding shoes, is available at school. Payment is strictly cash and all school uniforms must be clearly marked.

Official School Uniform


  • White long or short-sleeved shirt with school badge on pocket
  • Navy long or short pants
  • (WHEN WEARING LONG PANTS, THE LEARNER MUST WEAR A TIE, when wearing short pants, the learner does not have to wear a tie)
  • Navy school socks
  • Black leather school shoes with laces. (Black canvas shoes are not allowed)


  • Navy blazer with badge on pocket
  • White shirt with school badge on pocket
  • School tie
  • Navy jersey or pullover with school badge. White pullover only grade 12 learners.
  • Navy long pants
  • Navy school socks
  • Black leather school shoes with laces. (Black canvas shoes are not allowed)

School tie:

  • Grades 8-12 – double slash
  • Grades 8-12 – honorary tie

Workshop: Blue overalls or short blue workshop coat

Physical Education & Life Orientation: Short white pants and T-shirt

Sports: Sportswear as required by different sports.

Muslim Learners:
MUSLIM LEANERS, who for religious reasons wear a beard, must present a letter from their religious leader to the principal. Once permission is granted, the leaner(s) can wear the traditional hat (“topee”) with their full official school uniform. Wearing the “kurta” is not acceptable.