Hoër Tegniese Skool | Welkom | Technical High School


Mr FR Schmidt was the first principal secretary of the Technical Institute in Welkom.
There were 120 young men in training. The first building was an old community centre in Welkom.
Six months later the Institute moved to a larger building in Uitzichtkamp.


In January they moved to the first permanent buildings.


Permission was obtained to erect the necessary buildings for a Technical High School and a Commercial High School.


The Technical High School and Commercial High School was established. In June, Mr MCH le Page, took over as principal.


During the first six months the Technical High School and Commercial High School shared the same buildings. Mr PJC Bosch was the vice-principal. Mr MCH le Page moved to another town.


Mr SD van der Merwe became the new principal. School uniform became compulsory. Buildings were officially opened by the Honourable Mr JH Viljoen.


In August college status was awarded to the Institute. A hostel was planned for 120 students.


In June Mr SD van der Merwe moved away and Mr JT van der Merwe took over as the new principal.


On 14 August the hostel was officially opened by the Honourable minister J de Klerk.
House Gratia – Gratitude


The College was taken over by the Department of Education, Arts and Science.
It became a departmental institution. With the takeover it became an independent school.


Mr PJC Bosch passed away. Mr AJ du Plessis became principal for 24 years (from 1966 to 1990). On 30 April the PJC Bosch-stadium was inaugurated.


From 1 April the school fell under the OFS Provincial Administration as a vocational school.


Mr B du Toit was appointed principal from mid-June.


Mr GI Hinrichs, was appointed principal at THS  for 10 years (from 2002-2012).


Mr PJH Swanepoel was appointed principal and is currently the principal